Brief History of Zion Home (Orphanage)

  Zion Home (Si-On-Won by Korean pronunciation) was established in 1953 to take care of homeless children, who mostly lost parents during the Korean War, by Mrs. Ell-Sun Kim, the founder. She also had served as the first chief director of Sionwon social welfare foundation and the chief officer of Zion Home until she died in Oct. 21. 1997.

  Mrs. Seung-Hwa Moon had served as the chief officer from Jan. 1998 succeeding of Mrs. Ell-Sun Kim and retired in Apr. 2002.

  Mrs. Sung-Sook Kim is appointed as the third chief officer in May. 2002 succeeding of Mrs. Moon, and she is still serving her role continuously.

  Even though we had started our home to take care of children orphaned by the Korean war end in 1953, we are now taking care of lost children or child whom parent cannot look after rather than real orphan, who are newborn babies through 18 years old teenagers. Several staffs including a chief officer and a general manager, a nutritionist, a safety supervisor, many nurses acting as a mother are working together for children.

  Government assists about 90~95 percent of maintenance cost for house, living expenses for children and labor cost for staffs, etc.

  Basic Principles and Rules to manage our home

  • Trying to keep stable and homelike atmosphere like warm family
  • Doing our best to care about each child respecting as human being in individual approach
  • Making efforts to be able to provide enough human resources and material resources having networks with local community
  • Focusing on training and education to develop our staff as expert of welfare and nurture

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